Shaping every pupil to be a creative and confident learner in the arts.


To create an artistic culture, nurturing students to appreciate the arts.

Committee Members

Subject Head of AestheticsMdm Naelah
P1 RepresentativeMdm Naelah
P2 RepresentativeMrs Michelle Goh
P3 RepresentativeMs Siti Zainab
P4 RepresentativeMrs Michelle Goh
P5 RepresentativeMs Siti Zainab
P6 RepresentativeMrs Michelle Goh

Teaching Approach

The Arts Education@CHIJ OLQP Framework structured the aesthetics development of our pupils through 3 learning levels Experience, Enrich & Excel.

 Level 1


Pupils will experience the Art & Music instructional progammes, enrichment programmes and learning journeys.

 Level 2


The various arts CCAs enrich our pupils talents.

 Level 3


Identified talented pupil will be further honed to help them excel and achieve their maximum potential.

Programme Highlights 2018

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
Cartoon Drawing on PeoplePrimary 1Term 1
Cartoon Drawing on AnimalsPrimary 2Term 1
Fun with Clay
Primary 3Term 1-2
Fun with Batik Dyes  Primary 4Term 1 and Term 3
Mono Printing  Primary 5 Term 1-2
 “Leaving a Legacy” – Tile Painting Programme Primary 6 Term 4

Other Information