National Education


All pupils are good individuals and useful citizens.


To instill desirable values and develop citizenship qualities in pupils. 

What's NE?

National Education (NE) is about engaging the hearts and minds of Singaporeans in developing a shared sense of nationhood. By helping our pupils to gain an appreciation of who we are as a nation, NE contributes to building a country where our people are proud of being a Singaporean, confident of our future and committed to Singapore. 

The 4 Core NE Events:
  • Total Defence Day
  • International Friendship Day
  • Racial Harmony Week
  • National Day

NE Programmes

Total Defence Day (10 Feb 2017)

  • Pre-Assembly Programme
  • School Fire Drill Exercise
  • CCE lessons
  • Assembly Drama Show “One Story, Many Parts” by Drama Arts
  • Post Drama Show activity for pupils in class

Article: Total Defence Day “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”.

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International Friendship Day (7 April 2017)

  • Pre-Assembly Programme
  • CCE lessons
  • CCE Carnival

Article: International Friendship Day “ASEAN 50”.

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Racial Harmony Day 2016

Racial Harmony Day (RHD) is celebrated annually on 21 July in Singapore to commemorate the 1964 Race Riots. This year, the National Education Department partnered with CLIMB Department in organising a two-day Character and Citizenship Education cum RHD Carnival. 



In addition, the RHD Quiz was conducted and one lucky winner from each level with the correct answers was awarded a prize.