The Virtues Project

The Virtues Project empowers individuals to live more authentic meaningful lives, families to raise children of compassion and integrity, educators to create safe, caring, and high performing learning communities, and leaders to encourage excellence and ethics in the work place.
The Five Virtues Strategies awaken the gifts of character, through inspiring programs, books, and materials that help us to remember who we really are and to live by our highest values

Speak the Language of the Virtues

Language shapes character. The way we speak and the words we use, have great power to discourage or to inspire.

Recognize Teachable Moments

Recognizing the gifts and life lessons in our daily challenges helps us to cultivate our character. When we have the humility and confidence to learn from our mistakes, they become our best teachers. Every stumbling block becomes a stepping stone.

Set Clear Boundaries

Boundaries keep us safe. Virtues-based boundaries focus on respect, restorative justice, and reparation to create a climate of peace and safety, in our relationships, at home, in school, and in the community.

Honor the Spirit

Expressing what is meaningful in our lives by participating in the arts, honouring special life events, and sharing our stories with each other.

Offer the Art of Spiritual Companioning

One of the greatest gifts we have to give is our presence -- our compassionate, attentive listening. It is a form of sacred curiosity. By being deeply present and listening with both compassion and detachment, we help others to empty their cup.

Virtues: The Gifts of Character