Art Club


To develop pupils’ artistic skills in visual exploration and other creative art forms.

About the CCA

The Art Club is a learning space where pupils come to explore and experience art making and appreciation. Through the activities and projects organized by the Art Club, our members will have opportunities to unleash their creativity and enhance their skills in self-expression.  

Teachers in charge / CCA Days & Time / Venue

2 - 4pm / TuesdaysMdm Aniza Samat
Ms Siti
Ms Wong Shu Xian
Art Room
 2 - 4pm / ThursdaysMdm Naelah Nor
Mdm Surizah 
Art Room

Programme Highlights 2017

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
SYF 2017 (External Competition)P2 to P6
Term 1-4
Drawing & PaintingP2 to P6Term 1-4
  Mixed Media P2 to P6Term 1-4
Sculptural Forms  P2 to P6Term 1-4
3-D Art P2 to P6Term 1-4

Programme Highlights 2016

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
Mixed Media Mural P2 to P6Term 1-4
Collage P2 to P6Term 1-4
 Sculptural Forms P2 to P6Term 1-4
 3D Art P2 to P6Term 1-4
 Metal Embossing P2 to P6Term 1-4
 Tile Painting P2 to P6Term 1-4
 Charcoal Drawing & Oil Pastel DrawingsP2 to P6Term 1-4

Art Club Activities Photos