Media and Infocomm Club


To deepen student engagement through exciting new media

About the CCA

The CCA seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  • Ignite a passion for creating broadcast media
  • Increase proficiency in the use of high-end equipment such as DSLRs and new Apple software
  • Enhance writing skills to create newsworthy articles
  • Hone communication skills through interviews as part of the news-making process
  • Instill a love for photography and videography
  • Create an appreciation of other technical aspects of print and non-print media
  • Champion the causes of cyber wellness to the entire student body.

We look forward to maximizing our pupils' potential to be skillful reporters and photographers to promote our school values 'Be Good and Smart'. 

We believe that with close communication and collaboration with school, parents and external stakeholders, we will achieve the best for our Media & Infocomm Club members. 

Teachers in charge / CCA Days & Time / Venue

2 - 4pm / TuesdaysMdm Tinawati
Mrs Charlene Chua
Mdm Chen I-Chun
Mdm Catherine Lam
ICT Lab 1