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Mother Tongue Language


An active learner and proficient user of Mother Tongue Language who is morally upright and culturally inclined


To create a vibrant environment  which develops in our pupils an abiding interest in their Mother Tongue and culture and to uphold their moral values

Teaching Approach

Department Pedagogy
Chinese Language Instructional Scaffolding
Tamil Language Differentiated Instruction
Malay Language Multiple Intelligence

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2016 was held from 11 July to 22 July.  The theme of this year's MTL Fortnight is Music and Dance.  A series of fun-filled activities were carried out and the pupils enjoyed themselves in the activities.  

Book Fair 

Pupils were eager to purchase the interesting Mother Tongue books for their leisure reading.

Book fair 2.JPGBook fair 1.JPG

Photo Booth

A series of traditional items were displayed at the photo booth for pupils to take photos.

Photo Booth.JPG

Chinese Dance Workshop

P1-P2 CL pupils learning the dance moves of “Where Is The Spring”.

Dance Workshop.JPG

Tamil Dance Workshop

P1-P2 Tamil pupils learning the Indian dance.

P1 TL girls with instructor.jpg


Malay Music Workshop

P1-P6 Malay pupils were learning the Malay song and dance.

Malay music workshop.JPG

CL Learning Journey

The P3 Chinese pupils went on a learning journey to watch the interesting drama “Momotaro”.


TL Learning Journey

The P3 Tamil pupils went to Little India to learn more about the Indian culture.


Movie Screening

The P4 and P5 CL pupils watched the Chinese movie The Lion Men together.

Movie Screening.JPG

Class Competition

A series of class competitions were carried out, like the singing competition, “Know The Lyrics” competition and tongue twister competition.  Pupils participated actively and enjoyed themselves in the competitions.

P1 Singing competition 2.JPG TL Singing Competition.JPG

Tough Twister 1.JPG Tough Twister 2.JPG