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Tamil Language


An active learner and proficient user of Mother Tongue Language who is morally upright and culturally inclined.


To create a vibrant environment  which develops in our pupils an abiding interest in their Mother Tongue and culture and to uphold their moral values.

Committee Members 

    Head of Department         Mdm Kalaiselvi 
 P1 Representative
        Mdm Kalaiselvi 
 P2 Representative Ms Renuka 
 P3 Representative         Mdm Kalaiselvi  
  P4 Representative          Mrs Devanathan 
 P5 Representative Ms Renuka 
 P6 Representative
         Mrs Devanathan 

Teaching Approach

Tamil Language is taught using the Differentiated Instruction approach. With this approach, teachers tailor their instructions and methods of teaching in order to meet the different learning needs of the students. 

Programme Highlights 2017

Programmes / Activities
Level Involved Date 
Penmanship Competition 
P1 & P2
7th March 2017 
P6 TL IJ Camp 
Primary 6
14th March 2017 
 Mother Tongue Fortnight Primary 1 to Primary 6  10th July to 21st July 2017
 Creative Writing Competition  Primary 3 to Primary 6  23rd May 2017 

Programme Highlights 2016

Programmes / Activities
Level Involved Date 
P6 TL IJ Camp 
Primary 6
Term 1
P3 & P4 Camp
Primary 3 & Primary 4
Term 2
 Mother Tongue Fortnight Primary 1 to Primary 6 Term 3