To create an artistic culture, nurturing students to appreciate the arts.


Shaping every pupil to be a creative and confident learner in the arts.

Committee Members

Subject Head of AestheticsMdm Naelah
Art CoordinatorMs Wong Shu Xian 
P1 RepresentativeMs Wong Shu Xian 
P2 RepresentativeMrs Michelle Goh
P3 RepresentativeMs Siti Zainab
P4 RepresentativeMs Wong Shu Xian 
P5 RepresentativeMs Siti Zainab
P6 RepresentativeMrs Michelle Goh

Teaching Approach

The new revised primary Arts Education syllabus engaged pupils through integration of inquiry-based-learning, facilitation of art lessons is student-centric and the implementation of portfolio assessment to document pupils’ learning.   

Programmes Highlights 2018

Programmes / Activities

Level involved


Art Creative Corner

P1 - P6


P1 & P2

9:30am – 10:00am


P3 & P5

10:00am – 10:30am


P4 & P6

10:30am – 11:00am


Let’s Batique (Parent-daughter bonding session)


12 Mar

Launching of Art Exhibition during Honours Day

P1 - P6

23 Mar

P4 Museum Based Learning


25 - 29 June

Arts Kaleidoscope Festival 2018

P1 - P6

1 - 3 Aug

National Day Art Competition

P1- P6

8 Aug (every 2 years)

Think Contemporary! Art Exhibition

@ NLB Level 7 & Level 8


5 - 28 Oct

Schoolbag Ceremony Art Exhibition

P1- P6

13 Nov

Art display @ Bangkit Road Blk 256

P1- P6

12 Nov 2018 - 28 Feb 2019

Hundred Languages Exhibition

Jungle Diorama Interdisciplinary Lesson (Art and English)


16 Nov


Art Creativity Programme 2018

Programmes / Activities

Level involved


Jungle Diorama Interdisciplinary Lesson (Art and English)

Primary 1

Term 1

Upcycling Costume

Primary 2

Term 1

Stop Motion Animation

Primary 3

Term 2

Think Contemporary! 

Primary 4

Term 3 and 4

Plush Toy Sewing 

Primary 5

Term 3

“Leaving a Legacy” - Tile Painting

 Primary 6

8 Oct - 12 Oct