Arts Education
Arts Education in CHIJ OLQP promotes authentic learning through The Art PLAY! (Explore, Experiment and Express) to engage and prepare our students to be young creative thinkers who inspire and contribute meaningfully to the society at the end of Primary 6. 



What is PAssionArts?
Passion Arts Community was established by People’s Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. It provides a collective identity to community arts in Singapore.

Purpose of PAssionArtsC
It aims to make arts and culture more accessible to the people by bringing it right to the heart of every constituency in Singapore.  Hence, arts and culture can reach “Everyone, Everywhere and Everyday”.

 CHIJ OLQP Students’ Participation
Our students participated in The Community Art Gallery which is a PAssionArts programme that invites community artists and residents to display and share their art works at community places so more residents could appreciate art at their doorstep. Community Art Galleries can be found right in our neighbourhoods – at HDB void decks, coffee shops and marketplaces – where it is accessible to everyone, everyday.

Their masterpieces were being exhibited at the Bukit Panjang Community Gallery at 256 Bangkit Road. The Community Gallery is along the walkway where residents can admire. Indeed, the students’ art and craft work added colour and cheer to the neighbourhood and even brightened the residents’ mood!

The exhibits were put up on 8 January and will be on display till mid-March. Students were encouraged to visit the exhibits with their family members to support their schoolmates who have put in tremendous time and effort to make this art gallery possible!


Community Art Gallery 1.jpg
Community Art Gallery 2.jpg

The Community Art Gallery at Bukit Panjang Community Gallery at 256 Bangkit Road for residents to admire. The students’ show of their artistic talent through their masterpieces add colour to the community and liven up the atmosphere.

The Art PLAY!
Explore - Experiment - Express

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
Dongdang Sayang Mixed-Media
Primary 1Term 3
Sculptily-Do Mixed-Media
Primary 2Term 3
Stop MO! Digital Animation  Primary 3Term 3    
Think! Contemporary Programme In collaboration with Singapore Art Museum  
 Primary 4Term 3 
 Plushies Design and Soft-Toy Making   Primary 5Term 2   
Queen of Selfie Photography Primary 5Term 2   

Programmes Highlights 2021


Programmes / Activities

Level involved


Art in Community @ Blk 256 Bangkit RoadP1 – P 6 Little Artists Club8  Jan -  12 Mar

Earth WeekTurn Trash into Art Virtual Exhibition


24  April

Aesthetic Festival


23 July

NDP Postcard Design Competition)


Call for entries
12-29 July

Think! Contemporary Exhibition @ NLB Level 7 & 8 Promenade 


8 Oct -  31 Oct