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To instill in our pupils a love for music by creating a vibrant environment which enables all pupils to develop their creative and artistic potential. 


To educate, develop and inspire students to experience and appreciate Arts for life-long learning. 

Committee Members

Subject Head of Aesthetics Mdm Naelah
P1 RepresentativeMrs Monica Thio 
P2 RepresentativeMdm Guan Xiaoting
P3 RepresentativeMdm Guan Xiaoting
P4 RepresentativeMs Tan Adeline
P5 RepresentativeMs Tan Adeline
P6 RepresentativeMs Tan Adeline

Teaching Approach

Music curriculum mapping 2018

The music department has always moved in tangent with the school mission and vision as well as being aligned with the new General Music Programme (GMP) 2015. As part of the learning objectives in the GMP 2015, the pupils will need to do improvisation and make music for an eventual performance and sharing of their masterpieces using the values that they have been taught and experienced. Through these skills that include creativity, auditory and singing, improvisation, the pupils will gain a deeper internalization and appreciation through music composition and presentation. 

To bring about a wider learning music experience for the pupils, they need to be exposed to music from different countries and cultures as part of the GMP 2015 objectives.

Music is learnt in the global context and not just from our local Singapore context. From our local folk songs to world music where pupils learn about different rhythms and beats, as well as different genre of music, the people, culture and traditions, music is learnt, created, made and appreciated in totality. 

Programme Highlights 2018

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
Pre-assembly Performances
Every Friday during pre-assembly
Musical Learning Journey
8 March
Arts Kaleidoscope Festival 2018
1-3 August 
National Day celebration
8 August 
Teachers’ Day Concert
30 August 
P6 Graduation

13 November

Programme Highlights 2017

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
Instrument playing during pre-assembly P2-P6Every Monday during pre-assembly
National Day celebrationP28 August
Teachers’ Day ConcertP3-P430  August
 P6 GraduationP5-P614 November