Case Management Team

Department Goals 

Build a culture of care by enhancing teacher-student relationship and providing support for every IJ student. 

Committee Members

 Case Management Team

Ms Teo Hui Jing, Celine (HOD CCE)

Ms Yeo Yan Yan (Lower Primary, Year Head)

Mdm Tinawati(Middle Primary, Year Head)

Ms Serene Ng (Upper Primary, Year Head)

Mrs Delphine Minjoot (Senior Teacher, Learning Needs)

Ms Uma Ahalya  (Counsellor)

Mdm Aniza (ST ML and Teacher Counsellor)

Mrs Regina Julian (ST EL and Teacher Counsellor)

Mrs Charmaine Choo (AED Learning Behavioural Needs)

Mdm Jessica Fung (LSP Coordinator)

Mdm Pek Wei Miao (LMS Coordinator)