Citizenship Education

Citizenship Education in CHIJ OLQP comprises the following key areas:

1.     National Education


To provide students with the knowledge skills and values to understand and appreciate Singapore’s history, realities and challenges and guide them into developing a national identity.


i)                   Social Studies Curriculum

ii)                Four core National Education commemorative events:


Week(s) of commemoration

Total Defence Day

Term 1 Week 6 – 7

International Friendship Day

Term 2 Week 3

Racial Harmony Day

Term 3 Week 3

National Day

Term 3 Week 5 – 6


Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is developmental in nature, and seeks to meet the needs of students at every stage of their education. Through ECG, students develop social emotional competencies and qualities of proactivity, adaptability and resilience that will prepare them for the 21st century.

To equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed education and career decisions that will help them to contribute to Singapore’s future.
i) Primary 1 – Primary 6 Form Teacher Guidance Programme (FTGP) lessons
ii) Collaborations with partners to provide students with rich and authentic information about education and career

2.     Inter-disciplinary Project Work
To increase student awareness of local and global issues and equip them with problem solving skills to address the challenges.

i) Designated periods within the curriculum across at least 2 subjects.