Student Management

Our Approach

1) To inculcate in students a sense of self-discipline, respect the right and feelings of others, take responsibility and accept the consequences for their own actions. 
2) To empower students with the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that will enable them to fit in and participate successfully in all aspect of society. 
3) To support all students, staff and parents in delivering a set of procedures for managing the school's expectations of students' behaviour. 

Misbehaviours and Consequences
The table below shows the list of misbehaviours and their possible consequences.

Offences / Misbehaviours

Possible Consequence(s)

Attendance-Related Offences 

·       Compensation

·       Corrective Work Order (CWO)

·       Counselling

·       Discipline Record

·       Involvement of police and/or  external agencies

·       Parent-P/VP Conference

·       Parent-Teacher Conference

·       Recess detention

·       Self-reflection

·       Verbal Warning

·       Late-coming

·       Truancy

General Misconduct / Unacceptable Behaviour

·       Abuse of Technology

·       Disruptive Behaviour

·       Forgery

·       Frequent Late Submission / Incomplete of Homework

·       Leaving Class / School without permission

·       Littering

·       Open Defiance and Rudeness

·       Persistent Improper Attire and/or Grooming

·       Skipping Classes

·       Using Vulgar Language or Gestures on Staff / Peers


Other Serious Offences

·       Arson

·       Assault

·       Bullying (includes school buses and cyber-bullying)

·       Cheating in Tests / Examinations

·       Extortion

·       Fighting / Assault

·       Gambling (includes cyber-gambling)

·       Smoking (includes vaping)

·       Substance Abuse

·       Theft / Shoplifting

·       Use, Possession or Distribution of Inappropriate Material

·       Vandalism

*The table above is not exhaustive and serves only as a guide. The school reserves the right to take the necessary action(s) in the best interests of our students, staff and the community.