Art Club


Exposure - To grow students’ talents, imagination, creativity through various mediums & platforms (competitions, exhibitions, community projects)

Experience - Develop and nurture virtues through art making (ART with heART)

Excellence – Talent identification & building up a portfolio of skills through CCA to be a life-long learner of the visual arts

What we do

Our CCA is a learning space where students explore various forms, and experience art-making and appreciation through purposeful artistic activities. Our members will have opportunities to deepen their artistic skills in collaborative projects and unleash their self-expression in international and local art competitions.

Programme Highlights 2022

Programmes / Activities

Level involved


Draw My Stamp Story Competition

P3 – P6

Term 2 - 3

ViaRT Recycling Awards Competition

P3 – P5

Term 3 - 4

PAssionArts Community Art Gallery Exhibition @ Blk 256 Bangkit Road

P3 – P6

Term 4

Our Achievements 

YearCompetitionsLevel involved Placing
2022 ViaRT Recycling Awards Competition  Selected members
1st & 2nd in Best Artistic Award
1st in Best Story
2021Singapore Youth Festival Arts PresentationSelected members

Category C – Certificate of Participation

 Category B - Certificate of Recognition

2019Singapore Youth Festival Arts PresentationSelected members

Category A & B – Certificate of Participation

 Category C- Certificate of Recognition

 2017 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation Selected members

Category A – Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)

 Category B & C – Certificate of Participation