Art Club


Little Artists Club is committed to providing a creative space for students to explore ideas, strengthen students’ visual literacy skills, deepen artistic mastery, and leadership skills to be a confident art ambassador.

About the CCA

Our CCA is a learning space where students explore various art forms, and experience art-making and appreciation through Have Fun with Art activities. Our members will have opportunities to deepen their artistic skills in collaborative projects organised by us and unleash their self-expression in international and local art competitions. 

Our P6 Little Artists have participated in the recent ViaRT Award, a Children Recycled Art Competition, by VIANT Commodities, supported by Y art Project. The competition encourages the youth to use daily products to create a meaningful art piece to reflect their understanding and the importance of recycling.  

We are proud to share that our P6 Little Artists won 1st in the Best Artistic Award, 1st in Best Story Award and 2nd Best Artistic Award.

Congratulations to all winners! 

Click on the here to view the virtual exhibition.

2 - 4pm / Tuesdays

Ms Siti Zainab, Ms Wong Shu Xian, Mrs Christine Lee, Mrs Serene Ho, Mdm Surizah

Art Room
Cooking Palace

 Friday 2 - 4pm SYF students ONLYMs Siti Zainab, Ms Wong Shu Xian, Mdm Surizah 

Art Room
Cooking Palace


Programme Highlights 2019

Programmes / Activities

Level involved

Outdoor Adventure:
  • Introduction to Basic Drawing & Colouring
  • Detail Drawing
Lantern Making
3D Craftwork



Drawing with Charcoal

Lantern Making

3D Craftwork

Pebble Painting


Art Competition:
International Competition
  • The 2021 Fish Art Competition by wildlifeforever
  • Water Raising by Bow Sea

WSYF: Artisti & Technology


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