Media and Infocomm Club


  • To nurture the skills in our students to harness various digital media tools such as photography, videography, Audio Visual skills and animation.
  • To ensure students gain valuable hands-on experience in real-life contexts.
  • To develop their social skills and increase their ownership of their development by volunteering for photography and/or videography as well as stage PA/AV crew duties during school events.
  • To expose students in digital media competition at zonal and national levels.

What do we do

As communication through videos and images have become commonplace, we seek to equip our students to create original and innovative presentations such as equip students with videography skills and digital art, example, stop motion movie.

We give opportunity to the students in broadcasting of events via digital media, among other initiatives that the CCA has in its plans in addition to our current coverage of events via photography.

We will also train members with basic technical skills of using the classroom equipment and the hall Public Address system (PA) and Audio Video (AV) in the school hall as well as the various special rooms. 

Programme Highlights 2022

Programmes / Activities

Level involved


Chinese New Year
(Video Recording and Editing)

Selected members

Term 1

Total Defence Day

(Video Recording & Editing)

Selected members

Term 1

International Science Drama Competition

(Video Recording & Editing)

Selected members

Terms 1 and 2

Our School Our Stories National Competition

Primary 5 and 6 members

Term 2

Our Achievements

YearCompetitionsLevel involvedPlacing
International Science Drama Competition
(Collaboration with Drama Club)

Short Film Category - 3rd Position 
International science Drama Competition
(Collaboration with Drama Club)

Short Film Category - 2nd Position & Popularity Award
2021 NaBrownies West Division Day - Drama Competition (Collaboration with Brownies)
National Gold
7th National Young ShutterbugsNational 2 Special Mention

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