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CHIJ Combined Choral Presentation: Te Deum 2014

On 2nd Aug 2014, our school choir performed at Catholic Junior College to celebrate CHIJ’s 160th Anniversary. They sang “Sound of Music” with medley that included "My Favourite Things", "Edelweiss", "Do Re Mi", "The Lonely Goatherd" and "So Long, Farewell". Together with all IJ combined choir, our girls also sang the two finale songs, “Festival Te Deum” and “Hold On To Our Dream”, melodiously and in unison. Indeed, it was an eye-opening experience for our choir.

Our girls practising during the rehearsal

Feeling the excitement while waiting for the turn to practise on stage.

Finale of the concert with all IJ combined choir during rehearsal conducted by Mr Francis Liew. They sang “Te Deum” which was a hymn sung at the Church when the Sisters first arrived in Singapore.

After the first session of the performance, our choir sat together for their dinner.
It was also a bonding session with their fellow CCA friends.

An opportunity to have a combined choral practices on the song “Ave Maria” with our CHIJ KC seniors during the break.

Choir with the instructor, Ms Angila

A group photo with the teachers and instructors