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Chinese New Year 2014 Celebrations

On 30th January 2014, CHIJ Lady Queen of Peace celebrated the eve of Chinese New Year 2014 with an entertaining performance by various groups of performers and teachers.
For this event splashed with festive shades of red and gold, our choir girls put up a spectacular performance of Da Di Hui Chun, He Xin Nian and Gong Xi Gong Xi for the grand finale in their dashes of blue, creating an even vibrant atmosphere to the celebrations.
Our Choir girls' well-received performace during the Chinese New Year 2014 Celebrations.

Their mesmerising blue dress and energetic songs created much excitement for their fellow schoolmates who waved their red ribbons to the song.
Their grand finale of the event brought much enjoyment to their audience in a high-spirited start to Chinese New Year 2014!