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Choir Exchange with New Town Primary 2013

In Term 3 Week 2, our school choir hosted a school exchange with the choir of New Town Primary. It was a great experience for both our school choir as well as for our guests as we get to exchange tips and pointers with each other.
For most of our new juniors, the exchange was a first for them and so, they had much anticipation for the arrival of our guests and they waited excitedly.  When the New Town Primary Choir was finally here, CHIJ OLQP warmly extended our welcome to them. Both choir then greeted each other and prepared themselves for an introductory song, warming ourselves up for an enriching afternoon together.

CHIJ OLQP choir extending their warm welcome to New Town Primary Choir

There was much excitement in the room after the choir have greeted each other.

Our CHIJ OLQP choir putting up a performance

Our New Town Primary audience

It is our guests’ turn to show us what they can do!

Finally, a collaboration from both choir groups!
What an exciting time! After exchanging pointers, it’s time for our girls to show what good hosts they can be as they partnered the New Town Primary choir for their break and brought them around.
Members from both choirs felt shy initially but it didnt take long for them to get pally!

Our young members taking the initiative to get to know their guests better.

Students paying a game to try to remember the names of their new friends.
After the break it we had more sharing and finally, it was time to say goodbye. Our choir girls sportingly put up one last performance for our guest before we thank them for such an enjoyable experience and bid them goodbye.