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SJK (C) Perempuan China's School Exchange

CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace was very privileged to have SJK (C) Perempuan China, an overseas school based in Penang, on the 5th November 2013 for an exchange programme with our CHIJ OLQP choir.

Our girls learnt how to be good host, introducing themselves and the school to our guests, making friends and showing them around.
SJK (C) Perempuan China’s choir captivated the audience when they took to the stage to perform a series of song for us with their seemingly endless energy. Both the performers and our audience wore faces of smiles throughout the performances, openly displaying their enjoyment openly. The performance ended with cheers and applause from the satisfied audience. 
Returning the favour, our CHIJ OLQP sang a Sound of Music Medley for our guests' enjoyment.

After the song, both choir groups returned to the Dance Studio where our CHIJ OLQP choir taught our guests an enjoyable game to warm up our vocals which they participated enthusiastically in.


 After the introductory warm up which helped to break the ice between the thwo choir groups, SJK (C) Perempuan China's choir inspired us with a demonstration of how their student conductor conducts the choir. It was definately an enriching experience for us.

After the demonstration from our guests, both choirs took the opportunity to exchange songs with one another, inceasing the repertoire of songs for both chior groups. The following pictures shows how our students actively discuss and share their songs with their partners from SJK (C) Perempuan China.


At the end of the day, all that was seen was a sea of joyous faces as we played some games, exchanged gifts and bade goodbye to our newfound friends.