Tap Dance


To nurture the creativity and potential in all members through tap dancing and provide opportunities for every tap dancer to develop and grow according to her talent and ability through both internal and external performances. 

About the CCA

Tap Dance in CHIJ OLQP started in year 2000. Weekly lessons are conducted for the P2 to P6 tap dance members. Junior members learn basic dance steps and more intermediate steps as they progress to the next level. 
Tap dancers are given the opportunities to perform at various school concerts as well as community projects. Selected senior members will be trained to take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF AP) every two years. 

Through tap dancing, the tap dancers will develop a good sense of rhythm and timing, and learn to express themselves through the freedom of movement to music. 

Teachers in charge / CCA Days & Time / Venue

Beginner Class  
2.15 - 4.00 pm
(Every Tuesday)

Mrs Sharon Chua
School Hall
SYF Group
(Intensive Training )
2.15 - 4.00 pm
(Every Tuesday,
starting in Semester 2)
Mrs Devanathan

 Dance Studio
Intermediate/Advance Class
2.15 - 4.00 pm
(Every Thursday)

                  Ms Tan Siew Lian         

                  Mrs Patricia Cheong

 Dance Studio

Programme Highlights 2018

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
CHIJ OLQP Chinese New Year Concert 2018Beginner Class     15 February 
Cashew Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner 2018 Beginner Class
      24 February 
  CHIJ OLQP Honours Day 2018 Beginner Class      23 March  
CHIJ OLQP 2018 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF AP) 
SYF Group      18 April 
Performance at Bethany Nursing Home 2018Beginner Class       17 July 
Schoolbag Ceremony 2018 SYF Group         9 November  

Programme Highlights 2017

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
CHIJ OLQP Chinese New Year Concert 2017Beginner Class27th January
Friday Aesthetics Pre-assembly ProgrammeIntermediate/Advance Class   24th February 
  CHIJ OLQP Honours Day 2017Beginner Class24th March 

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Other Information

In 2008, our tap dancers achieved a Gold award at the SYF and a Silver Award in 2010. In year 2012, 2014 and 2016, we achieved a Silver/Certificate of Accomplishment in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF AP) Competition.