To educate the girls to lead a useful life through a series of healthy and enjoyable activities and to develop in them the heart to serve the community. 

What We Do

Upon enrolment, all tweenies will acquire the various skills to be enrolled as Brownies. Brownies is a game of adventure, observation, knowledge and ideas. It is an education in life skills, which encourages each girl to be a responsible citizen and lead a meaningful life.

 The highlight of the CCA is the 5-point programme (12 modules) which includes activities such as singing, craftwork, quiz, indoor and outdoor games, simple cooking, sewing, field trips, camping etc. Brownies also learn to work and play together in groups.

 Brownies participate in the different modules to acquire skills to achieve the various proficiency badges. The attainment of these proficiency badges also help them in achieving the Golden Bar and Golden Hand Badges. They are also encouraged to work towards the Chief Commissioner’s Badge, under the guidance of the teacher mentor.

 Our members also participate actively in school events such as National Day Observance Ceremony, etc. and VIA projects..


Programme Highlights 2022

Programmes / Activities

Level involved


West Division Day



World Thinking Day



Our Achievements

YearCompetitionsLevel involvedPlacing
2021West Division DayP3-P6

Bronze award for “Caption the Moment”.

Gold Award in a Skit competition.

Bronze award for “Get Creative with TikTok’competition”.

Chief Commissioner’s Badge Award


3 Recipients:

  1. Koh Shu Qing, Victoria
  2. Shasha Chong Shi Man
  3. Ng Jing Wen, Imelda