A fine and responsible young lady with a heart to serve the community


To provide opportunities for all Brownies to equip themselves with life skills as follow: All tweenies will acquire the various skills to be enrolled as Brownies and subsequently all Brownies will be trained in the different modules and skills to achieve the Golden Bar, Golden Hand tests and also to attain the various interest and proficiency badges. Selected Brownies will be geared towards achieving the Chief Commissioner’s Badge.

About the CCA

Brownies is a game of adventure, observation, knowledge and ideas. It is an education in life skills, which encourages each girl to be a responsible citizen and lead a meaningful life. The 5 point programme (12 modules) includes activities such as singing, craftwork, quiz, indoor and outdoor games, simple cooking, sewing, field trips, camping etc. Brownies learn to work and play together in groups.

Teachers in charge / CCA Days & Time / Venue

2.15 - 4pm / Tuesdays
                Ms Goh Mei Ling
                Ms Long Suet Ann
                Ms Yong Wan Ting
3 Love & 3 Peace

The Brownie PromiseThe Brownie Law
I promise to do my best:
To do my duty to God,
To serve my country and
Help other people,
And to keep the Brownie Law
1. A Brownie obeys and respects her elders. 
2. A Brownie thinks of others before herself. 
3. A Brownie tells the truth. 
4. A Brownie is neat and tidy. 
5. A Brownie is thrifty. 
6. A Brownie plays and works cheerfully.

West Division Day 2016

On 16 July, a number of our brownies attended the West Division Day held at West Grove Primary School. The theme of this year’s West Division Day is “Connect”, and the Brownies were formed into groups to participate in respective competitions, namely “Telematch”, “Amazing Race” and “Connect Quiz”. Through the activities and competitions during the event, the Brownies were given the opportunity to practice the virtues of cooperation, creativity and enthusiasm.

Brownies participation in West Division Day 2016