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English Language

Our Approach


1. STELLAR 2.0 

Through STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR), we aim to strengthen the foundation of language learning in our students.


2. Pedagogy– The use of Differentiated Instruction (DI)

The skills learnt in both reading and writing lessons are reinforced in differentiated activities for according to our students’ readiness, interests and learning profile (Tomlinson & Moon, 2013).

3. School-based resources, print resources and integration of ICT

  • Explicit teaching of the language skills through customised worksheets       
  • Moo-O Reading Programme (P1 to P2)
  • Raz-Kids (Digital Library) Subscription (P3 to P4)
  • Little Red Dot Newspaper Subscription (P3 to P6) 

4. Holistic Assessment 

Guided by the principles of Assessment of Learning (AoL) and Assessment for Learning (AfL), the various modes of assessment include: 

1. Performance-based assessmenta such as Pick and Tell, Reading Aloud, Stimulus-Based Conversation etc.

2.  Written assessments include some components of formative assessments, Weighted Assessments, Mid-year Examinations and End-Year Examinations.



Programme Highlights 2022

Programmes / Activities

Level Involved


Training for Whole-School Approach to Effective Communication (WSA-EC) Student Champions via SLS


Term 1 Week 4

Silent Reading, WSA-EC, Book Promotion and Just Write! during Monday Pre-assemblies

P1- P6


English Language Week


Term 2 Week 3

EL Signature Programme: Of Rhymes and Rhythms



EL Signature Programme: IJ OLQP Stage-off

 P3 to P4 


EL Signature Programme: The IJ Manuscripts 

 P5 to P6


 Library Thematic Events and Borrowing Activities 

 P1 to P6


Competitions: Moo-O Reading Awards and PESA 2022


From Term 1 Week 5