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Learning Support Programme


Each pupil is an independent learner.


To identify and provide learning support to pupils who need more support in their language, reading and spelling skills, so that they can better access the curriculum.

About LSP

The Learning Support Programme is an early intervention programme. It aims to provide learning support to pupils who enter primary school with weak literacy skills. Pupils are identified for the programme at the beginning of Primary 1 through the Early Literacy Indicator (ELI) and Singapore Word Reading Test (SWRT-II).
For pupils identified for the Learning Support Programme (English), they attend 5 periods of lessons within curriculum time and 2 supplementary lessons (for 1 hour each after school) with the Learning Support Coordinator, Mrs. Angel Tang. The main focus of the lessons is on the acquisition of reading, spelling and comprehension skills.
The Learning Support Programme (English) also supports the Buddy Reading Programme (every Monday 7.40am to 7.55am) and the Extensive Reading Programme, which pupils attend once a week (for 1 hour after school every Monday). The objective of these programmes is to ignite a passion for reading in the pupils, as well as to equip them with better reading skills. Reading and followed-up activities are conducted to make reading fun and memorable for them.