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Learning Support Programme 2.0


Each student is an independent learner.


To identify and provide learning support to students who need more support in their language, reading and spelling skills, so that they can better access the curriculum.

About LSP

The Learning Support Programme 2.0 is an early intervention programme. It aims to provide learning support to students who enter primary school with weak literacy skills. Students are identified for the programme at the beginning of Primary 1 through the Early Literacy Indicator (ELI) and Singapore Word Reading Test (SWRT-II). 

The Learning Support Programme 2.0 features a systematic and explicit phonics instruction. There is regular progress monitoring and is supported by Extensive Reading to build oracy, reading and grammar skills.

Our school’s Learning Support Coordinator is Ms Goh Mei Ling. Students under her charge are supported in in the Learning Support Programme 2.0 for the full 15-periods of English Language lessons.