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Information Communication Technology


To create good infrastructure in supporting a conducive environment where pupils and staff can use ICT effectively to develop as active learners and gaining lifelong learning skills.


To effectively integrate ICT in teaching and learning to enhance the school’s holistic approach to education.

Committee Members

ICT Representatives

Ms Jareen Tay -SH 
Ms Chong Lee Yin
Mdm Lily Hoi 
Mdm Marsita
Ms Michelle Ling 
Mdm Nur Fadhilah 
Ms Renuka 
Mdm Siti Zainab
Mr Tan Yih Chyn
Mr Tony Khoo 
Ms Yang Hui
Ms Yvonne Tan

Department Goals

  1. To create a pervasive and vibrant ICT culture in the school.
  2. To integrate the use of ICT in curriculum, instruction and assessment
  3. To provide all pupils with opportunities to develop higher order thinking skills
  4. To help teachers build ICT competencies for professional and personal growth
  5. To provide ICT support and resources that will facilitate effective teaching and learning with ICT
  6. To motivate and excite pupils about learning in a setting that connects the classroom to the real world.
  7. To provide teachers with opportunities for collaborative work.
  8. To educate pupils and staff to manage themselves in cyberspace.

Programme Highlights 2019

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
Cyber Wellness Ambassadors ProgrammeP1-P6On-going
 Cyber Wellness Week
P1-P6Term 2
 Photo Editing Workshops P2-P3 June holidays 
 Video Editing WorkshopsP4-P5 June Holidays
 Code for Fun Enrichment Programme P1-P6 

Programme Highlights 2018

Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
Cyber Wellness Ambassadors ProgrammeP1-P6On-going
Photo Editing Workshops P2-P3March holidays
NSW2018P2-P63 April
 Cyber Wellness Week
P1-P6Term 2
 Video Editing WorkshopsP4-P5 June Holidays
 IMDA Lab on WheelsP4Term 4
 Code for Fun Enrichment Programme P1-P6 On-going 

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