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Teaching and Learning 

Students will be engaged in: 

  • Investigative Work, Problem Solving, Math Trail, Journal Writing, Games, Puzzles, Quizzes etc

The following processes will be involved: 

  • Gathering of data 
  • Observing outcomes 
  • Looking for references 
  • Identifying and determining patterns and relationships 
  • Measuring lengths, masses and time 
  • Analyse situations 
  • Graphing information and results 
  • Communicating findings in written reports or oral presentations

Promoting Thinking and Reasoning in the Math Classroom through Math AR3T

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Math Problem Solving Framework

Programme Highlights 2020
Programmes / ActivitiesLevel involvedDate
 From Term 3 onwards
E2K Math (After School) P4-P6 
Support Programme
(After School )
For identified students to maximise their potential Term 1 Week 3 Thursday onwards
Math Olympiad Training  P4 and P5 Term 1 Week 3 to Week 10