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    Our Approach

    To help our students build a strong foundation in the subject, we use the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach to deepen the understanding of abstract mathematical concepts through exploration and the use of teaching aids and pictures.

        Our students will also be engaged in investigative work, problem solving, math trails, games, puzzles and quizzes. 

            In addition, to promote thinking and reasoning in the classroom, we adopt the Math AR³T strategy:

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            Math Problem Solving Framework

            Programme Highlights 2022


            Level involved


            Learning Support for Math (LSM) Programme


            LSM is an early intervention effort that is aimed to provide additional support in building foundation numeracy skills.

            Selected P1 and P2 students

            Curriculum time

            After-school Support Programme  

            This programme aims to help identified students who need additional support in reinforcing their foundation in the subject.

            Selected P3 to P6 students

            Thursdays after school

            Math Excellence 2000 (E2K)

            This enrichment programme is for students with the aptitude for the subject and aims to further develop their mathematical reasoning skills.

            Selected P4 to P6 students  

            Thursdays after school

            Math Olympiad Training 

            This opt-in programme is conducted by an external vendor and aims to promote mathematical reasoning and critical thinking in preparation for Math Olympiad competitions.

             Selected P3 students (5 sessions in Term 1)

            Selected P4 and P5 students (8 sessions) 

            Thursdays after school
            E-Math Trail 
            This programme allows students to explore and apply mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills on authentic tasks.

            P1 to P6

            Term 2

            P6 June and September Holidays Supplementary Lessons


            June and September Holidays