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Mother Tongue Language

Teaching Approach

Department Pedagogy
Chinese Language Instructional Scaffolding
Tamil Language Differentiated Instruction
Malay Language Differentiated Instruction

Mother Tongue Fortnight 2021

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2021 was held from 6 July to 16 July.  The theme for this year's MTL Fortnight is Our Heritage, Our Culture.  P1 to P6 students were involved in hands-on activities and they also got to know more about the different ethnic cultures through a series of fun-filled activities. Our school commemorated Racial Harmony Day on the last day of MTL fortnight as well.

Mother Tongue Fortnight Online Challenge (P1-P6)

Students participated in an online challenge through Singapore Students’ Learning Space. They got to learn more about their languages and cultures.

Mother Tongue Fortnight Level Activities (P1-P6)
P1 Songs, Poems, Nursery Rhymes

P1 pupils Learned Poems using Art & Craft

P2 Music and Dance

P2 pupils enjoyed the dance workshops

P3 Traditional Costumes 

P3 pupils learned about traditional costumes and cultures. They designed traditional costumes on ice-cream stick dolls or dressed up using recycled materials found at home

P3 CPES Performance 


P3 pupils watched an online performance “Story Challenge”, where the actors came up with interesting 
stories based on the students’ inputs

P4 Traditional food and snacks 

P4 pupils learned about the different traditional food dishes and created one by using soft clay

P5 Folk Tales

P5 pupils reenacted a part of a folktale

P4 and P5 Conversational Chinese and Malay Language Programme

P4 and P5 Chinese pupils learned Malay and Malay pupils learned Chinese via Zoom lessons

P6 Heritage Places in SG

Closing Ceremony

Mrs. Tan emphasized the importance of appreciation and respect of different races and cultures in a globalized country. Student representatives also explained the reasons for celebrating Racial Harmony Day and Mother Tongue Fortnight.