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Mother Tongue Language

Teaching Approach

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Chinese Language Instructional Scaffolding
Tamil Language Differentiated Instruction
Malay Language Multiple Intelligence

Mother Tongue Fortnight 2020

Racial Harmony Day 2020

The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2020 was held from 7 July to 17 July.  The theme for this year's MTL Fortnight was Multicultural Singapore-Our Heritage, Our Culture. P1-P6 students were involved in hands-on activities and they got to know more about the different ethnic cultures through a series of fun-filled activities. Our school commemorated Racial Harmony Day on the last day of MTL fortnight as well.

Opening Ceremony

Student representatives were dressed in traditional costumes, together with Mrs Tan, Ms Tan and Mrs Beins. They introduced the different enthic costumes and the theme for this year’s MTL Fortnight.

Learning of Traditional Dance

Malay Traditional Dance entitled Tarin Joget



Chinese Traditional Ribbon Dance


Indian Traditional Dance entitled Swakka Jathi  


Students enjoyed learning their traditional dance, as they got to perform in class
 together with the props that they have made.

Mother Tongue Fortnight Online Challenge (P1-P6)

Students participated in an online challenge through Students’ Learning Platform.
They got to learn more about their languages.

Cultural Activities #1 Fan Making (P1-P6)

Cultural Activities #2 Bookmark Making

Students were engrossed in making their bookmarks and created their very own masterpieces.

Cultural Activities #3 Chopsticks Designing

Students got to know more about the history of chopsticks and they learnt the proper way of holding a pair of chopsticks. They decorated their own pair of chopsticks to bring back home.

Cultural Activities #4 Towel Craft Making- Gubahan

Students learnt to make different craft using towels. They made them into 
shapes of a bear and cupcakes.

Cultural Activities #5 Making of Wedding Decorative Item- Bunga Manggar

Students learnt how the traditional wedding decorative craft is being made. Bunga Manggar symbolizes prosperity and it also serves as a directional landmark to help guests locate the wedding reception.

Cultural Activities #6 Making of Malay Traditional Kite- Wau

Students learnt how to fold traditional Malay kites, using colored papers.

Cultural Activities #7 Ketupat Paper Weaving

Students enjoyed the handicraft session and made colorful ketupats

Cultural Activities#8 Indian Oil Lamp Painting

Students painted the oil lamp with watercolour, coloured markers or pens. The oil lamps are often used as lighting for special occasions. In Deepavali, an oil lamp represents enlightenment, knowledge or wisdom.

Cultural Activities #9 Indian Decorative Hanging Décor

Students made door hanging decor using cardboard and string.

Cultural Activities #10 Indian Earrings Making using Pottu


Students enjoyed the handicraft session as they made Indian earrings using pottus

Book Promotion

Students participated in the Stay Home and Read Challenge, they 
completed a book review in their mother tongue language. 

Conversational Chinese & Malay

Students were exposed to conversing in third language through simple activities
such as 
role play, songs and discussions. 

Mother Tongue Fortnight Closing
Racial Harmony Day

Students were encouraged to dress in different ethnic costumes on 17 July. This helped them appreciate and understand cultures that are different from theirs.