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Character & Citizenship Education 


All students are good individuals and useful citizens.


Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) in CHIJ OLQP involves developing students in the acquisition of values, knowledge, skills and competencies to help them become useful and responsible citizens of good character.

Committee Members

Mrs Sylvia Lim
CCE Programme Coordinators 
Mdm Chen I Chun (CCE Lesson)
Mrs Vivian Quek (CD-CLIMB) 
Ms Zakiah Zainol (NE)
Ms Tan Siew Lian (SS) 
Mr Lim Wei Sian (VIA) 
Mrs Sylvia Lim-Goh (I-GIVE) 
Mrs Angel Tang
Mrs Patricia Cheong
Mdm Lim Tze Ying 
Mdm Pek Wei Meow
Mdm Deepa D/O Thangamani
Ms Goh Mei Ling 
Ms Long Suet Ann 
Mdm Xiao Yuan
Miss Fong Yuen Han
Miss Padmavathy Subramanian

3H Approach in CCE

3H Approach in CCE

Head: Knowing / Awareness

Hand: Doing / Action

Heart: Appreciate / Advocate 

CCE Programmes

CCE Programmes

CCE Coordinators

CLIMB/ Leadership

Ms Vivian Quek/ Ms Low Qiong Xia Denise

CCE Lesson

Ms Zakiah Zainol/ Mdm Chen I Chun  


Mr Lim Wei Sian


Ms Zakiah Zainol


Ms Tan Siew Lian