All students are good individuals and useful citizens.


Character Development in CHIJ OLQP establishes Character Lives in my Behaviour (CLIMB) through the Virtues  Project that involves developing students in the acquisition of the right virtues to work together to mould them into a humble leader, enthusiastic learner and gracious lady with the promotion of love, truth, justice and freedom.

Character Lives in My Behaviour

CHIJ OLQP’s Character Development programme, CLIMB, aims to develop every student into an Enthusiastic Learner, Humble Leader and Gracious Lady. CLIMB adopts The Virtues Project, a positive, holistic program used to bring out the best in children and adults. (Linda Kavelin Popov, 2000)

The CLIMB framework uses The Virtues Project as a CCE teaching and learning tool. It focuses on virtues that are aligned to promote the school’s mission, vision and values on a termly basis.

The use of five strategies used in the Virtues Project are:

1. Speak the Language of Virtues

2. Recognize Teachable Moments

3. Set Clear Boundaries

4. Honour the Spirit

5. Offering the Art of companioning

(Click here to view: The Virtues Project)

Virtues: The Gifts of Character

Practising virtues in school :
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CLIMB Programmes 

CLIMB Programme / Activity


CLIMB Pre-assembly

Once a term

To discuss the school’s values of Truth, Love, Freedom and Justice

CLIMB Class Meeting

Every Tuesday from 7.40 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.

Form/Co-form teachers meet with students to discuss the virtue of the week

CCE Carnival

Once a semester

In conjunction with International Friendship Day and Racial Harmony Day

CCE Mentor Workshop

Once a year

For selected CCE Mentors

CLIMB_Virtues Sharing by Prefects

P5 and 6 Prefects sharing the Virtue of the Week

CLIMB Stories

Stories on virtues

Lifeskills Lessons

Virtues incorporated into Lifeskills Lessons

Virtues Project- For Parents

Click here to view: Virtues Project for Parents