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An IJ culture where all students are respectful and disciplined young ladies. 


To provide and foster a self-discipline and safe environment for highly effective learning. 

Committee Members

Student LeadershipMs Teo Hui Jing, Celine (HOD/PW)
Miss Yeo Yan Yan (Lower Primary, Year Head )
Mdm Tinawati(Middle Primary, Assistant Year Head)
Mrs Jayce Mok (Upper Primary, Year Head)

Department Goals 

1) To inculcate in students a sense of self-discipline, respect the right and feelings of others, take responsibility and accept the consequences for their own actions. 
2) To empower students with the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that will enable them to fit in and participate successful in all aspect of society. 
3) To support all students, staffs and parents in delivering a set of procedures for managing the school's expectations of students' behaviour. 

Discipline Policy

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