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Our Approach 

Science is taught using the inquiry-based approach.

Applied Learning Programme - STEM in Sustainability

Our ALP programme focuses on STEM in Sustainability to nurture our students to be stewards of the environment. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities are incorporated into our Science Curriculum.

These activities aim to

a. Develop a growth mindset

bInstil perseverance in each participating student

c.  Inculcate students in the 4 disciplines that the world  revolves around 


a.  is not just about ICT and coding

b.  focuses on process, not product

c.  leads students to discover, question, inquire and  overcome challenges


IMMERSIVE LEARNING is incorporated in our Science curriculum to provide a virtual ‘hands-on’ experience in the learning of the subject. 


a. involves the use of Virtual Reality headsets to provide an interactive learning environment during Science lessons

b. enables students to be totally immersed in a completely different world e.g. they can be in a hot air balloon flying over Grand Canyon or taking a walk among dinosaurs or swimming in the ocean with whales and dolphins without having to leave the classroom.

c. allows students to have a close up view of specimens e.g. a 360 degree view of a human digestive system 


This programme is for Primary 4 and Primary 5 students who are interested in busking Science concepts. The Science Buskers Programme reinforces concepts and builds confidence in students in public speaking. The Science Buskers Programme leverages on the platform for students to interact with students from other schools as well as with scientists. 

Programmes Highlights 2022

Programmes / Activities

Level involved

P3 Rear a Butterfly/ Beetle             
P3 Every Child a Seed Programme
P3 STEM (Programming on Food Sustainability)
Immersive Learning


P4 OutReach Ambassadors          
P4 STEM (Programming on Energy (light) Sustainability)                                         
P4 E2K
Immersive Learning
P4 Science Buskers                        


P5 Science Buskers                        
P5 E2K
Immersive Learning


P6 STEM (Programming on Energy)
Immersive Learning



Family @ Science Centre Programme