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Principal’s Message

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It is my greatest joy and blessing to be a part of the CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace (CHIJ OLQP) family. An IJ girl myself, I had the privilege of experiencing the IJ education in primary and secondary school. Grounded in values and Christian teaching, the 10 years of IJ education has indeed played a major part in developing me as a person and an educator. Being an IJ alumnus, I believe strongly in wanting to share the IJ experience and culture with our staff, students and parents, and in so doing, enable the IJ legacy to live on through the current and future cohorts of students.

CHIJ OLQP anchors our educational beliefs on the work of our founder, Blessed Nicolas Barre, and that of the Infant Jesus (IJ) Sisters who came to Singapore to set up the CHIJ schools. As a Catholic school, we believe in developing our students in their God-given uniqueness and to help them be the best that they can be.

In line with the vision of an “Enthusiastic Learner, Humble Leader and Gracious Lady”, our school places great emphasis on Character Education throughout the 6 years of a CHIJ OLQP girl’s educational experience. The Virtues Project is used to inculcate values in our students and is used in tandem with The Leader in Me: 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Students learn the values, skills and attitudes needed to help them grow in character and confidence, while developing the 21st Century Competencies. Leadership skills are also developed to help students lead and serve with love and humility within the school and in the community. This paves the way for our students to experience and exemplify the IJ mission as well as our motto “Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty”.

The school prides itself in providing a holistic educational experience for our students, drawing a fine balance between the academic and non-academic domains. Through the academic and non-academic areas, e.g., sports and aesthetics, students’ talents and potential are developed using a variety of platforms such as enrichment programmes, competitions and showcase opportunities. These experiences enable students to stretch themselves and reach their fullest potential. The many accolades received are testimony to the excellent work of our students, staff and parents coming together. In living out the mission of a CHIJ school, support is given to the disadvantaged in our midst. Many helping hands come together to enable our students to shine amidst the challenges faced at home or in school.

The staff of CHIJ OLQP are committed to providing student-centric learning experiences for their students, believing in the value of strong teacher-student relationships and a caring and loving environment. Our staff speak the Language of Virtues daily in their quest to help our students develop good character traits. Teachers also come together to develop engaging lesson ideas and classroom strategies to enhance students’ learning in and out of the classroom.

Blessed with the strong support from parents and families, our students receive the love and care necessary to develop into confident young ladies. The synergy between the home and school provides a safe and secure backdrop for the well-being of our students. Working collaboratively with external partners, the school extends and enriches our students’ development through a variety of out-of-classroom experiences.

The CHIJ OLQP family draws strength from our Christ-centred mission. As we work for the development of each child, we seek God’s grace and wisdom in all that we do. May the light of faith lead us in our journey and grant us goodness and blessings in the days ahead. We look forward to celebrating our 70th anniversary in 2024 - 70 years of the CHIJ OLQP experience - igniting the minds and touching the hearts of many cohorts before, and creating an exciting pathway for the future ahead.

The IJ Spirit Lives On in CHIJ OLQP!

Your partner-in-education,
Mrs Karen Tan