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School Crest

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The school badge of the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus is an international one - used by students in all the five continents - places reaching as far as California, France, Peru, Italy, Singapore, Spain, England, Ireland, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia. The symbolism of the badge is as relevant today as it has been over the centuries.

In the centre of the Crest lies a red shield with a silver band edged in gold. Red conveys the message of love, God's love embracing the world.

The shield surmounted by a gold cross is encircled by a garland of white marguerites with our motto - 'Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty'. The cross reminds us that the Sisters receive their inspiration and dedication in their commitment to all people, from Christ. The garland of marguerites is a symbol of purity and simplicity towards God, our neighbours and ourselves.

On the right is the BIBLE with silver rosary beads. Our gospel values come from the Bible. These gospel values are the guiding principles of our faith in GOD. The rosary reminds us that our first duty to God is to worship Him in prayer.

The Distaff and the Spindle are symbols of womanly labour, typical of an earlier period when the weaving of cloth was done by women at home. The symbols remind us of the satisfaction and fulfillment to be found in a task well-accomplished.

In our ideals, we are proud to be linked to the thousands of girls of different cultures, age and time, who have passed on to us, a noble tradition. Each of us today, has her own part to play, manually and intellectually, in the creative work of building a harmonious world.

The School Badge is therefore a mark of honour. It shows the characteristic spirit of Infant Jesus Convent girls around the world. It encourages us to carry on the tradition.