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To enrich our students’ learning beyond the classroom, we seek opportunities to collaborate with partners from both the government and private sector. Below are the details of our collaborating partners and the areas of our collaboration.

Areas of collaboration
(Established by PA Peoples Association.png with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, the PAssionArts brand was developed to provide a collective identity to community arts in Singapore.)
Our students have been participating in The Community Art Gallery, a PAssionArts programme that invites community artists and residents to display and share their art works at community places so as to help more residents appreciate art at their doorstep. Community Art Galleries can be found right in our neighbourhood – at HDB void decks, coffee shops and marketplaces – where it is accessible to everyone, everyday.
Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Art Museum.png
Our school has been partnering with the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) annually to enrich the Art curriculum through the Think! Contemporary Programme.

The programme promotes exposure to contemporary artists and their art works through museum visits. Students will subsequently create ceramic and mixed media art pieces inspired by the exhibits they have viewed. This will culminate in having their art pieces being showcased at the Think! Contemporary Exhibition.
Environment Sustainability
Green Sproutz Pte Ltd
Green Sproutz Pte Ltd.png
Our school takes part in the Little Green Dots Outreach programme organised by Green Sproutz Singapore. This is an outreach programme to raise awareness on the proper way to recycle used beverage cartons (UBCs) amongst the pre-schoolers. Students learn about the materials that the UBCs are made from and how to practise Rinse-Flip-Flap-Flatten to recycle them properly.

Green Sproutz Singapore also organises the Little Green Dots leadership session for our P3 and P4 Environmental Science Club members. Selected students are further trained by our teachers to share their knowledge with the preschoolers during the outreach programme.
National Environment Agency
National Environment Agency.png
Our school collaborates with National Environment Agency (NEA) to inculcate good environmental and social values amongst students and increase their awareness of environmental challenges faced by Singapore. To this end, NEA provides the environmental games conducted during Earth Week. Student leaders get to play the role of game masters to share their knowledge of recyclables, energy and water conservation during recess.
National Parks Board
National Parks.png
In collaboration with National Parks (NParks), the P4 students embark on the Outreach Ambassador Programme based on the theme of “Eco Stewardship and Sustainability”. Students learn about Singapore’s native biodiversity and the appropriate behaviours when exploring the nature reserves. Students make posters based on what they learn to create awareness on how to take care of the parks and animals, drawing attention to the endangered animals and plant species in the parks.
North West CDC
North West CDC.png
Our school actively takes part in a variety of programmes initiated by North West Community Development Council (NWCDC).

The programmes include :
  1. Green Learning Journey where students go on a virtual learning journey to understand the importance of environmental conservation. Students get to share their ideas on using resources efficiently and ways to reduce carbon footprints.
  1. Keep Clean @ North West - Students go on a community litter picking activity within the Chestnut neighborhood.

The aim of these activities is to provide opportunities for students to improve the environment and help clean up our neighbourhood. The close partnership with NWCDC reduces the amount of litter in the water bodies and the clogging of the drainage system. The effort of our students also prevents accidental ingestion of garbage by wildlife and protects biodiversity.
Parent Education
Fei Yue Family Centre
Fei Yue.png
Our school has partnered Fei Yue Community Services, the appointed Parenting Support Provider (PSP) for the Bukit Batok/Bukit Panjang/ Choa Chu Kang region to support parents in their parenting journey. We have worked closely with Fei Yue and provided outreach programmes to strengthen and provide quality social services to both parents and students.
Science Centre Singapore
Science Centre.png
P2 students and their parents participate in this biannual Family@Science workshop conducted by the Singapore Science Centre (SSC). Family@Science workshops cover a wide range of topics from chemistry and physics to biology. The workshops are designed by our teachers in collaboration with Singapore Science Centre. These workshops create opportunities for parents to interact with their daughters through interactive activities and experiments.
Sports and Health
Singapore Heart Foundation
Singapore Heart Foundation.png
Our school collaborates with Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) in The Blood Pressure Initiative@Schools programme to promote heart health to our P5 students. The programme aims to inculcate the importance of having good blood pressure readings in their lives, and promote healthier living to their families by making healthier food choices and leading an active lifestyle.
Our school maintains a strong partnership with SportsSG in the promotion of sports participation and healthy living. In particular, our school participates actively in the Sports Education Programmes, Active Health Classroom and Get Active! Programme.
Service to Community
As part of the P6 VIA Programme, our school has been partnering with Caritas Singapore since 2021 in an effort to give back to the Catholic Church following 6 years of Catholic Education. This collaboration aims to serve the disadvantaged in society, a key tenet of our IJ mission. With the easing of the COVID-19 measures, our P6 students now have the opportunity to go into the community to reach out to the beneficiaries of Caritas Singapore.
Food From the Heart
Food from the Heart.png
As part of our P2 VIA Programme, our school has been participating in the Clean Plate Campaign. This is in collaboration with Food From The Heart, a food charity organisation that redistributes food to the needy in Singapore. Students are encouraged to do their part during recess by ending each meal with a clean plate. Every clean plate counted contributes to a donation amount by a sponsor towards a Charity organisation.
Restroom Association of Singapore
Restroom Association of Singapore.png
As part of the P4 VIA Programme, the Sparkling Angels programme, our school has been working with the Restroom Association (Singapore) for several years (RAS) for several years in an effort to promote toilet hygiene and cleanliness in the school. Our P4 students create posters that are placed in the toilets so as to educate their schoolmates about toilet hygiene. Sparkling Angels are students who are selected from the same level to champion these efforts and conduct regular checks on the school’s overall toilet cleanliness.
TOUCH Community Service
TOUCH Community Service.png
As part of P5 VIA Programme and Staff VIA Programme, our school has been partnering with TOUCH Community Services since 2021 to reach out to the disadvantaged in society. Students and staff help the Special Needs services group of TOUCH Community through donating daily essentials that will help the beneficiaries in adopting a healthy lifestyle.
International Partners
Shanghai Suzhou Kuatang Experimental Primary School.pngSuzhou Kuatang Loufeng Experimental Primary School.png Our school has established international partnerships with Shanghai Suzhou Kuatang Experimental Primary School and Lou Feng Primary School since 2011. This partnership serves to provide our students and teachers with opportunities for overseas cultural immersion learning experiences.