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The Art framework in CHIJ OLQP aims to meet the needs of our students beyond academic achievement, contributing to the social, emotional and mental development through art and craft. In fostering the artistic development of students, our school has a structured 3-tier approach in promoting a wide variety of artistic activities, appreciation and artistic excellence among our students, anchored on the school values of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love.

Tier 1: Artistic Literacy for All

Our school’s Art programme is a primary contributor to building a strong foundation for the acquisition of fundamental artistic skills and development of artistic awareness and culture in students. During Art lessons, we use a variety of teaching strategies to bring about the joy of learning art in its many creative forms. We want our students to stay true to themselves as they use this means to express themselves and at the same time develop artistic competence and confidence.

Tier 2: Artistic Encounter and Appreciation

With a strong foundation in artistic literacy acquired in Tier 1, our students can look forward to pursuing their interests through school and level wide programmes that focus on experiencing art making through various mediums. Our programme highlights include learning about Peranakan culture and art with oil pastels, story-telling with stop motion animation, plushie craft and design as well as ceramics. Other highlights include our annual Aesthetic Festival and Think! Contemporary Programme (a museum-based learning experience and collaborative partnership with the Singapore Art Museum that brings art education alive and beyond classroom teaching).

Tier 3: Artistic Excellence

Under Tier 3, students who are artistically talented can pursue a more advanced level through Visual Arts CCA Programme as well as other platforms to showcase their talents. They will be progressively developed to excel and be given opportunities to take part in competitions such as the SYF Visual Arts Competition that is held biennially and various exhibitions. One such exhibition that was held internally was the commemoration of Earth Week 2022 in collaboration with our school’s CCA Environmental Science Club. Other external exhibitions gave rise to the partnership with Passion Arts Community and the Singapore Arts Museum. Such programmes aim to recognise our students’ artistic flair, creativity and visual perspective. Under this tier, they lead by example and serve as an inspiration to all.

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