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Applied Learning Programme

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in CHIJ OLQP aims to promote authentic and practice-oriented learning experiences. It seeks to foster in our students the ability to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge and exhibit varied levels of metacognition. Programmes such as Makerspace and STEM in Sustainability equip our students with the fundamentals of computational thinking, inventive thinking and critical thinking skills.

STEM in Sustainability (Coding Curriculum)

Primary 3 to 6 students learn basic programming concepts through the use of programming software such as Scratch, Makey Makey and CoderZ. They apply the codes learnt to devise coding-based solutions to solve real world problems. Some examples of projects include:

  • Creating a humidity sensor and simple self-watering planter to optimise plant growth. In this project, our students learn to find innovative ways to solve food sustainability problems.
  • Building a prototype of a street lamp that only lights up the path and does not disturb the wildlife living in proximity. To achieve this, our students learn to use paper coding to code for sustainable use of lighting by solar panels.

P3 STEM Coding Programme- Programming on Food Sustainability- Code and create a humidity sensor for plant growth.jpg P6 STEM Coding Programme- Energy Sustainability - Making a wind turbine.jpg
P4 Makerspsace.JPG P6 Makerspace.jpg


Maker Education in CHIJ OLQP creates opportunities for our students to come together and solve problems through free play. Makerspace@OLQP provides a learning space for our students ideate, tinker with digital or physical fabrication tools to construct objects during their free time at recess. The exciting activities promote joy of learning and our students are encouraged to think out of the box to solve problems creatively.