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Co-Curricular Activities

The Co-curricular Activities in CHIJ OLQP aims to:
  1. Provide students with a platform to discover and develop their interests and talents, forging friendships, and cultivating a sense of belonging to our school.
  1. Develop CCA-specific knowledge, skills and attitudes (Enthusiastic Learner), emphasising on the development of good character and leadership qualities (Humble Leader).
  1. Develop the spirit of service by offering their talents and skills to serve the school and community (Gracious Lady).

Our Key Focus and Approaches

1)    Development of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

In CHIJ OLQP, we provide platforms and multiple pathways in which students can develop their talents and abilities progressively through intentional development of learning outcomes. The respective CCA groups also provide platforms for students to display their talents and abilities at different stages of their development.

2)    Character Development

We provide authentic opportunities for students to develop and display practise the 21st Century Competencies and make students' learning visible through experiential learning.

CCA Schedule

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