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Environmental Science Club


To motivate and develop students to become:
  • active learners who have the desire to learn, explore and solve problems creatively;
  • concerned ladies who are informed about environment issues, and take an active role in saving the environment through action; and
  • environmental leaders who advocate for sustainable impact.

What We Do

During the weekly CCA sessions, our members take part in a variety of meaningful activities to learn more about environmental issues and sustainability. These activities include environmental science projects, learning journeys and gardening programmes, involving the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Through this experiential approach in learning, the CCA aims to stimulate students’ curiosity, nurture an inquiring mind and develop a zest and interest in learning about science and the environment.

Members are given opportunities to lead and serve the school and the community as advocates for the environment. The various platforms include the North West CDC Clean and Green Week, Outreach programmes to kindergartens and the Earth Week Carnival. Selected members also have the opportunity to participate in science or environmental-related competitions at community and national levels.
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