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Media Infocomm Club


  • To excite students about infocomm in a fun and meaningful way by helping them to learn new infocomm skills;
  • To cultivate servant leadership at an early age; and
  • To equip students with 21st Century Competencies, such as creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

What We Do

Our members learn different infocomm skills through different modules such as photography, video production, mobile app development, game app development in their 4-year CCA journey. During the weekly CCA sessions, they engage in valuable hands-on experience as they pick up skills and techniques while working on projects set in real-life context. Through the valuable hands-on experience in media production, they develop important communication, collaborative and critical thinking skills in the learning process.

Members practise servant leadership by volunteering themselves for photography, videography or stage crew duties during school events. Members also get to participate in digital media competitions at the zonal and national levels so as to showcase their creativity.
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