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Art Club


  • To grow students’ talents, imagination and creativity through various mediums and platforms (competitions, exhibitions, community projects);
  • To develop and nurture virtue of enthusiasm through art-making (ART with heART); and
  • To support aspiring Art enthusiasts in building up a portfolio of artistic skills through the visual arts.

What We Do

The Art Club serves to provide a platform for aspiring Art enthusiasts to develop their interest and passion in the visual arts beyond the formal Art curriculum in the school. The CCA is a fun learning space where students explore various art forms, and experience art-making and appreciation through purposeful artistic activities.

At the beginner level, members are exposed to drawing and colouring using numerous mediums including: watercolor, color pencils, water soluble pencils, graphite pencils, ink, acrylic paint, soft pastels, oil pastels, poster colors, charcoal, clay, terracotta, and mixed media. At the intermediate level, members advance from 2D to 3D art expressions through sculpting and ceramics making. Members with advanced skills will continue to refine their artistic skills and also expand their scope to digital art. Members also have the opportunity to hone their leadership and organisational skills through bonding sessions and curation of art exhibitions.

Last but not least, the Art club aims to develop 21st Century Competencies in our members through collaborative projects within the school and the community. Apart from local and international art competitions, members get to unleash their creativity by participating in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Exhibition that is held biannually. Through a broad-based exposure to the different art forms, members build a strong portfolio that adds value in their application to join an art school after primary school education.
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