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  • To provide a platform for students to sing, individually and in an ensemble;
  • To achieve excellence in choral singing through unity and teamwork;
  • To develop students’ character and to instill self-discipline, self-expression, self-confidence and leadership skills in them; and
  • To nurture students’ creative and artistic potential to experience and appreciate the Arts.

What We Do

The Choir of CHIJ OLQP has been one of the pioneering CCAs since the school was established in 1955. From the beginner to advanced level, Choir members are taught music theory, musicianship and sight-singing skills as well as vocal techniques which are conducted in a fun and engaging manner. They are also introduced to a wide repertoire of songs and various performing art forms.

Through the weekly rehearsals, members develop their concentration and focus, while practising active listening skills. During their four years in the CCA, they get to perform songs of different languages and from different cultures, widen their repertoire and execute deep and impactful melodies through various performance opportunities.

The Choir has an active performing calendar and has sung in several school and public events. Members of the advanced level also get to take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation and International Choral Competition in alternate years to showcase their singing talent and develop their confidence and poise. Singing camps are a much anticipated highlight of the CCA where they get to network and learn from choristers from other schools. There are also avenues for members to hone their leadership skills and showmanship through orchestrating the choir as student conductors.
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