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English Language Drama Club


  • To develop students’ appreciation of the value and enjoyment of drama;
  • To encourage collaboration with one another, valuing individual and group contributions towards shared goals that are part of the drama practice; and
  • To facilitate the creation and communication of ideas, thoughts and feelings through dramatic presentations that are meaningful to themselves and the intended audience.

What We Do

Drama is a unique form of creative exploration and expression. In the Drama Club, members are given the opportunity to act, improvise, apply and hone their acting skills by employing different drama techniques.

At the beginner level, members learn the fundamentals of speech and drama through building good posture, voice projection and vocal expression. During drama practice, activities where members take on different personas, developing their speech, communication and presentation skills are also included. Such activities develop their empathy for others when they practise perspective taking in different roles. They also learn about the elements involved in staging a drama, such as costume, set and props preparation.

At the intermediate and advanced level, members are exposed to process drama, character work and script writing. Through the improvisational activities and games, members learn to explore ideas and respond imaginatively to a range of scenarios. Preparation for drama plays and performances serve as strong platforms for members to develop their socio-emotional learning skills through collaboration with their peers.

In addition, masterclasses and learning journeys to theatre works are organised to enhance the learning experience of the Drama Club members by inspiring them to present their best self on and off stage. CCA Leaders also get to hone their leadership skills by being a student-coach to the younger members as they have many opportunities to work together in school performances or external competitions.
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