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Fusion Dance


  • To inculcate an appreciation for dance and to nurture the creativity of members through exposing them to different dance forms; and
  • To provide opportunities for members to develop a lifelong passion for dance.

What We Do

The Fusion Dance CCA is a platform for members to learn a repertoire of dance forms such as ethnic, modern and contemporary dance, and develop a deeper cultural awareness and understanding.

At the beginner level, the dancers develop a strong foundation in flexibility and body coordination right from the start through a routine set of warm-up and stretching exercises. At the intermediate and advanced levels, members continue to hone their dancing skills, acquiring a stronger sense of rhythm, movement and musicality. Through the weekly dance sessions, students develop the virtues of perseverance, unity, commitment and self-discipline.

In addition, members are given opportunities to perform at various school and public events so as to build their confidence and strong stage presence. Members of the advanced level also get to take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation held every 2 years to showcase their talent and skills. Lastly, the CCA also aims to provide opportunities for members to use their talents to serve the community through VIA involvement.
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