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Guitar Ensemble


  • To promote the joy of learning the guitar and develop a sense of achievement in guitar playing; and
  • To instill the love and passion for music making in the members.

What We do

Guitar Ensemble started in CHIJ OLQP in 2022. At the beginner level, members learn how to hold a classical guitar, tune it and play the chords after being exposed to the different parts of the guitar. In the process of learning to play the classical guitar, members develop a good sense of beat and rhythm, and learn to appreciate and express themselves through music.

At the intermediate and advanced levels, members will learn how to read notes on the staff & pluck classical tunes based on the fundamentals of note reading and rhythm understanding, keeping in line with a Music Examination syllabus. Guitar Ensemble members are given the opportunity to perform and share their love for music at various school and public events.

Members of the advanced level also get to take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation held every 2 years to showcase their talent and musicianship. Being in an ensemble enables members to develop the virtues of cooperation, confidence and excellence. CCA Leaders also get to hone their leadership skills by being a student-coach to the younger members.
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