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  • To inspire lifelong enjoyment for netball through learn, practice and play; and
  • To develop our students holistically in the aspects such as physical, mental & emotional, and inculcating leadership skills and team spirit in them.

What We Do

The beginner's and intermediate netball programme is developed for our Primary 3 and 4 players with the emphasis on fun, active participation and the development of fundamental netball skills and game concepts.

At the advanced level, our Primary 5 and 6 players go through more intensive and all-rounded training sessions to prepare them physically and mentally. At this stage, players work towards excelling in terms of speed, agility and accuracy. The weekly training sessions help the players to develop the virtues of diligence, commitment, excellence, etc.

In preparation for selection for the school team, players also take part in netball carnivals and friendly matches which provides them valuable exposure in competitive play and also enhances their chemistry as a team. Primary 5 and 6 players who have shown the skills and aptitude will get to represent the school in the National Schools Games Netball Championship in both the Junior and Senior Divisions.

Besides the advanced programme, there is also a recreational programme that is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of netball skills without the emphasis on high-level competition. The purpose of recreational netball is to provide an opportunity for the players to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including lifelong love of the game. From Primary 4 onwards, players also can look forward to the S.T.A.R.R Athletes Camp and Living C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S programme, which further develop in them, the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude required to excel in sports and also forge stronger friendships among them. There are also leadership opportunities for potential players to lead the team as Captain and Vice-captain.
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