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Rhythmic Gymnastics


  • To promote strength, tenacity and flexibility while developing finesse motor and body coordination skills through rhythmic gymnastics; and
  • To nurture in our young athletes the virtues of discipline, respect and teamwork.

What We do

Rhythmic Gymnastics Club was set up in CHIJ OLQP in 2022. The Junior Team learns basic apparatus handling and manipulations and gymnastic skills, combined with physical training which includes conditioning for strength and stamina, and stretching exercises for flexibility. With strong foundations, the Senior Team will learn more advanced skills that combine gymnastics, dance and apparatus-play using the ribbons, balls, hoops and clubs.

Weekly training sessions also include character building, leadership development and team-bonding elements through positive reinforcement of good practices and behaviour that inculcates resilience, self-discipline and cooperation.

Every year, selected students are given the opportunity to participate in the National School Games Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship. Players also can look forward to the annual S.T.A.R.R Athletes Camp and Living C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S programme, which further develop in them, the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude required to excel in sports and also forge stronger friendships among them. There are also leadership opportunities for potential members to lead the team as Captain and Vice-captain.
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