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  • To develop strong sporting skills and competencies in the players;
  • To promote quick and intelligent decision making as an individual as well as a team player; and
  • To develop good sportsmanship, teamwork and resilience in the players.

What We Do

During the weekly training sessions, the players hone their skills such as throwing, catching, fielding, pitching, batting and base-running through fun drills and games. There is also a strength and conditioning component designed in the programme to train their mind and body to improve their physical and mental toughness abilities.

In addition to developing softball skills and competencies, the CCA also aims to impart the virtues of sportsmanship, teamwork, resilience and leadership in our players. In preparation for selection for the school team, our softball players are given opportunities to hone their skills through friendly matches and competitions.

Every year, the school selects about 15 to 18 players to participate in the National School Games Softball Championship for both Junior and Senior Divisions. Players also can look forward to the annual S.T.A.R.R Athletes Camp and Living C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S programme, which further develop in them, the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude required to excel in sports and also forge stronger friendships among them. There are also leadership opportunities for potential players to lead the team as Captain and Vice-captain.
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