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  • To encourage our students to explore and discover the world around them by learning new skills,
  • To provide opportunities for students to work and play independently and in teams; and
  • To develop in our students the heart to serve the community.

What We Do

Brownies is the only Uniformed Group in CHIJ OLQP. Upon the Enrolment Ceremony, Tweenies in the Pack will become Brownies. It will then be the first time they wear their full uniform and receive the Golden Badge.

The highlight of the CCA is the 5-point programme (12 modules) which develops the Brownies in 5 areas:
  • Personal & Social Development – Physical Development: Healthy Me, Emotional Development: Courteous Me & Social Development: Cultured Me
  • Home – Home Duties & Home Safety
  • Community – My Country, My Neighbourhood, Helper
  • Outdoor – Discovering Nature, A Green World
  • International – My Globe, My Guiding World & My Guiding Friend

Brownies participate in the different modules to acquire new skills to achieve the various proficiency badges. Activities include singing, craftwork, quiz, indoor and outdoor games, simple cooking, sewing, field trips, camping etc. The attainment of these proficiency badges engage help them in achieving the Golden Bar and Golden Hand Badges. They are also encouraged to work towards the Chief Commissioner’s Badge, under the guidance of a teacher mentor.

Sixers and Seconds will be provided with opportunities to hone their leadership skills as they lead their packs in group activities. Brownies also participate actively in school events such as the National Day Observance Ceremony and VIA projects. On special occasions, Brownies engage in fun things with other Brownie units for joint learning adventures such as West Division Day, World Thinking Day and National Brownies Revel.
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