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English Language

To inspire, equip and celebrate ‘The English Language Arts (ELA) Enthusiast in Me’

In CHIJ OLQP, we believe that a fusion of English Language, Literature, Aesthetics and Current Affairs is the ideal way to learn English. This belief is in tandem with the EL Syllabus 2020, in which a progression of skills in Listening, Viewing, Reading, Speaking, Writing and Representing through effective Grammar and Vocabulary is required from Primary 1 to 6. With exposure to a variety of text types (through the prescribed STELLAR 2.0 texts by MOE and other texts) and supported by a multimodal and multiliteracy approach, we aim to inspire, equip and celebrate the ELA enthusiast in our students.

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Beyond our Signature Programmes, our Customised Programmes that cater to student segments at every level are in support of Differentiated Instruction (DI), e-Pedagogy and Assessment Literacy. They are the Moo-O Reading Programme, Raz-Kids Digital Library Programme, the Little Red Dot Newspaper Reading Programme and English Language Week.

In addition, we have an after-school Enrichment and Support programme customised for students to level up their competencies in English.

Through a holistic experience, we want to ensure that every CHIJ OLQP student will not only experience the joy of learning but also scale greater heights in the acquisition of the English Language.

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