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Information Communication Technology

At CHIJ OLQP, our Information Communication Technology (ICT) programme supports the development of 21st Century Competencies and is aligned to our school’s vision of developing “Enthusiastic Learners”. ICT is integrated in the curriculum across all subjects to support authentic learning.

From Primary 1 to 6, teachers use various ICT tools, e.g. Google Classroom, MS Office Suite, See Saw, Class Kick, Padlet, Moo-O, VR tools, and the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) to complement their classroom teaching. This enriches students’ learning experiences through the design of meaningful lessons for students to explore and work collaboratively, as well as facilitate the development of students’ self-directed learning.

In addition, students go through Digital Literacy lessons which are aligned to the 21st Century Competencies Framework, focusing on Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills. The lessons are woven into various subject disciplines at different levels progressively. For example, our Primary 1 students will learn touch typing skills, learn to operate and navigate in multiple forms of user interface (e.g. SLS). At Primary 2, they learn a higher level of touch typing skills, and learn skills to locate, collect and sort information (Curate) and create a short document (Create). Primary 3 - 6 students will acquire the knowledge and skills to search for and evaluate digital information (Curate) at a higher level, use information ethically to create or remix digital artefacts, exchange information (Create) and contribute productively in an online community (Connect). Relevant digital skills are also infused in Inter-disciplinary Project Work from Primary 2 to 6 so that students can apply and reinforce their learning. For example, students get to apply their search skills and create different digital products using Google Slides, Google Site, Google Jamboard, etc.


To develop students’ computational thinking for problem solving, all Primary 1 to 6 students learn Coding in our school-based programme. These include programming for Dash, Makey Makey, Sphero, etc. This helps to nurture their critical thinking and creativity which are essential skills in the 21st Century.

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