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Mother Tongue Languages

The mission of the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) department in CHIJ OLQP is to promote the love for Chinese Language/Malay Language/Tamil Language and the appreciation of the three ethnic cultures among our students.

With the aim of nurturing our students to be effective users in their MTL, they are actively engaged in learning MTL. The MTL lessons and class activities are designed to build the foundation of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a progressive manner. To support different learning needs in MTL, we use Differentiated Instruction approach and customised MTL school-based learning packages to enhance the 4 core linguistic skills of MTL.

Students who show strong proficiency and interest in Mother Tongue Language (MTL) are offered Higher Mother Tongue Languages (HMTL) from Primary 3 onwards. They are given opportunities to develop higher levels of MTL language proficiency and cultural knowledge.

Students who need additional help in reinforcing their foundation in MTL attend the after-school support programme. The smaller group settings provide for a more conducive learning environment.

MTL Fortnight activities are organised annually in Term 3 Week 3 to Week 4 to provide opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of MTL culture and heritage through theme-based class activities and level programmes. Theme-based class activities are carried out to introduce MTL poems, music and dance, traditional costume and food, folk tales and respective cultural heritage in Singapore. Besides MTL Fortnight activities, our students also learn the languages through various platforms such as Learning MTL through Games Days, Internal Class Competition and Cultural Camp.

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